Dear children, dear parents! We attach great importance to personal and competent care and warmly welcome you to the pediatric practice Kunterbunt.

Our team of physicians welcomes you

Dr. med. Romedius Alber
Dipl. Dr. Olga Reichert
Dr. med. Jörg Zimmerli

Welcome Information

Opening times

Mon - Fri:
8.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 17.30
8.00 - 11.00

Telephone times

Mon - Fri:
8.00 - 11.00 and 13.30 - 16.00
8.00 - 10.30

Contact: Appointments by phone only

041 760 04 14

We ask you to call in the afternoon for non-urgent questions and appointments. In the morning our lines are often busy with emergency requests.
Praxis Kunterbunt, Neuhofstrasse 3 b, CH-6340, Baar
We ask for your understanding that we do not make appointments, give medical advice or make diagnoses by email. We are happy to help you by phone.
Fax: 041 760 04 36


Ben Stratz has joined our team as MPA in education. A very warm welcome!
Reasons for mandatory masks
1. Medical practices are often visited by sick and potentially infectious patients. The face mask and other hygiene measures do minimise the transmission of diseases to other patients and practice staff.
2. Medical practices often care for high-risk individuals who are at increased risk of severe disease progression. It is important to protect them.
3. With the still high viral load in the population, using a face mask and other hygiene measures help to avoid frequent infections among practice staff and supply bottlenecks due to illness-related absences.
Info on COVID-19 testing
If you suspect a COVID-19 infection in your child: please first carry out a self-test at home (available in all pharmacies).
In case of a positive result of self-test: if your child is younger than 6 years, please contact our practice. If your child is older than 6 years, contact the Corona Test Centre in Cham. And after the age of 8, the Corona Test Centre in Baar can take over the further procedure.
When your child coughs...
please read this article (DE).
Cardiological Investigations
Dr. Kuen - the co-chief physician of the Children's Hospital Lucerne - holds regular paediatric cardiology consultations at the Kunterbunt practice. A referral from your paediatrician is required for this.
Info About COVID-19 Vaccination
What to know about the vaccination can be found here.
Our protection concept for you and your children:
1. Masks are compulsory: applies to the children from 6 years with flu symptoms, to ALL children from 12 years and to ALL adults. Please, take protective masks with you and wear them in the practice.
2. The child may only be accompanied by ONE HEALTHY adult. Please DO NOT take any siblings or relatives with you.
3. Always make an appointment by phone and get advice from our staff.
4. In order to keep your stay in the practice as short as possible, please arrive at the practice at the agreed time and NOT EARLIER.
5. Observe the BAG guidelines on transmission reduction.
News Archive
Petra Sonder has joined our team as an experienced MPA. A very warm welcome!
Our Marina Landolt has successfully completed her training as an MPA. We congratulate very warmly!
Please note our newly added Welcome Information and Registration Form!
An experinced neuropsychologist Fabienne Alber has joined our team. Further information on neuropsychological diagnostics. A very warm welcome!
November 2019
Dear parents! We would like to inform you that in general ALL children should be vaccinated in Practice Kunterbunt!
October 2019
Praxis Kunterbunt ON TOUR! Here is a picture for you.
June 2019
Ms Iris Steinger has succesfully finished her education as MPA in June. Our warmest congratulations! We are glad to having supported her on this exciting way for the last 3 years.
We keep on participating at sporty acivities. Some pictures with the best regards to all of you hier!
Practice Kunterbunt demonstrates its fitness by climbing the Rigi. See pics hier!
Ms Eliane Bieler has successfully finished her education as MPA. Our best congratulations!
Practice Kunterbunt goes online with the redesigned homepage. Have fun surfing!

We offer

In the association with the other pediatricians of the canton, we ensure the basic medical and emergency care for children and young people of Zug and suburbs. In addition to the precautionary consultation in the infant and toddler age, we also provide a large emergency consultation as well as various specific consulting hours for children and adolescents of all ages.

Please note: non-adhered dates will be charged according to the expenses incurred for us.

Preventive consultation hours / vaccinations / diseases

Constant medical care...

Up to the school age, you have the possibility to have the development of your child assessed by the child's physician in so-called preventive examinations. These precautionary examinations are always carried out by the same physician, so that he can get to know your child and you well and build a mutual trust. This makes it possible for him to detect, diagnose and treat a development problem or a (chronic) disease at an early stage. In addition, he can also answer all your questions. The vaccinations are included in the preventive examination appointments. Please bring the health book with the vaccination certificate for each precautionary examination. We will gladly answer your questions.

The following Preventive Examinations (PE) are recommended...
1 month:
1. PE, possibly hip-ultrasound
2 months:
2. PE, vaccination 1), 2)
4 months:
3. PE, vaccination 1), 2)
6 months:
4. PE, blood testing
9 months:
vaccination 3)
12 months:
5. PE, vaccination 1), 2), 3)
18 months:
6. PE
24 months:
7. PE, vaccination 4)
4 years:
8. PE
6 years:
school-PE, vaccination 5), 10)
11-15 years:
youth-PE, vaccination 4), 6), 7), 8), 9)

Legend: 1) DTP+IPV+Hib+HBV (DTP-diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, IPV-polio, Hib-meningitis, HBV-hepatitis B), 2) pneumococcus, 3) MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), 4) meningococcal, 5) DTP+IPV, 6) dTp, 7) HPV (human papilloma virus, girls AND boys), 8) HBV, 9) VZV (chickenpox), 10) TBE-tick-vaccination

Emergency consultation hours

If it's urgent...

If your child is acutely ill, you are naturally worried and want a quick examination. Fortunately, it is usually "only" to banal viral infections, from which your child can recover with well patient care. In case of uncertainties, however, you should seek advice. Our medical practice assistants have extensive experience and will gladly advise you on the phone.

To ensure that healthy children do not get infected with the sick, we schedule the emergency office hours separately from the other consultation hours: Mon-Fri 11.00-12.00 and 16.30-17.30 as well as Sat 08.00-11.00

Specific consultation hours

Individual counselling...

In addition to basic medical care, we also offer the following special medical examinations:

  • Pediatric cardiological investigations
  • Hip ultrasound screening for newborns
  • Allergies/asthma
  • Developmental disorders
  • Eating disorders in particular anorexia (pathological leanness) and obesity (overweight). Also intensive care by our specialized nutrition consultant is available.
  • Growth advice
  • Psychological and psychosomatic disorders
  • Behavioural and school problems including ADHD/POS
  • Separation and divorce problems
  • Sexual counselling
  • Neuropsychological examinations and diagnostics
Equipment of the practice
  • Laboratory (blood and urine examination, throat swabs for identifying streptococci)
  • Small surgical emergencies
  • Hip ultrasound device
  • Allergy test
  • Hearing test
  • Eye test
  • Covid-19 quick test
  • Pharmacy
Wheelchair patients/walkability

After pre-registration, we can examine your child who is unable to walk in the practice rooms in the adjoining building with a lift. Please let us know your wish at the time of the appointment.

Teaching Qualification for Medical Practice Assistants (MPA)

Practice Kunterbunt educates MPAs. The incoming MPAs work under the intensive supervision of doctors and trained MPAs. This way we share experience with the younger generation.



Dr. med. Romedius Alber
Specialist in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine FMH
For further information, please click here.
Dipl. Dr. Olga Reichert
Specialist in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine FMH
For further information, please click here.
Dr. med. Jörg Zimmerli
Specialist in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine FMH
For further information, please click here.


Clinical Lecturer Dr. med. Hans Peter Kuen
Specialist in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine FMH, Pediatric Cardiology
Please find further information here.


M. Sc. Fabienne Dietrich Alber
Psychologist for Neuropsychology FSP
Please find further information here.

Medical Practice Assistants (MPA)

Franziska Baumgartner
Since August 2016 in practice Kunterbunt.
Bettina Keller
Since August 2016 in practice Kunterbunt.
Alessandra Siegrist
Since March 2014 in practice Kunterbunt, has many years of professional experience in pediatrics.
Petra Sonder
Since October 2021 in practice Kunterbunt, has many years of professional experience.
Nadja Troppan
Since October 2019 in practice Kunterbunt.
Laura Brunner
MPA in education
Since August 2020 in practice Kunterbunt.

Location & Directions

Address: Praxis Kunterbunt, Neuhofstrasse 3 b, CH-6340, Baar.

The practice is located in the crossing of Südstrasse and Weststrasse (crossroad Westgate) near the cantonal hospital. We are easily accessible by public transport as well as by private vehicles.


Bus line 36 to the bus stop Metro, from there a 2-minute walk to the practice.

Bus line 3 to the bus stop Südstrasse, from there a 10-minute walk to the practice.


Take the S1 city train to the Neufeld stop, from there a 6-minute walk to the practice.


There are 3 parking spaces available right before the entrance to the practice. Additional visitor parking spaces are near. Please find the parking regulations hier.

Downloads & Links

Important information for parents in the downloads below:

Interesting information for parents in the links below:


Important information for emergencies:

General information

1. Keep calm - panic does not benefit anyone.

2. Watch your child carefully - use our emergency triage sheets.

3. Let the child not alone - provide the first aid as suggested above.

4. Call medical help: give name and date of birth of the child, your locationp and problem.

During office hours

Outside office hours

Children's Hospital Lucerne

Dentistry emergency service

084 422 40 44

The tape provides information on who is currently an emergency dentist.



Poisoning Center

24h-Rescue Service Zug (RDZ)


In urgent emergencies such as: asphyxiation, aeration, unconsciousness, serious accidents.

Other tips for emergencies:

Tip 1

Download our emergency triage sheets from the homepage and print them out. With their instructions you can help your child in the most frequent emergency situations.

Tip 2

In the book "Ryan, Kate and the others..." you will find detailed information on the prevention and treatment of the most common childhood diseases and accidents. Please read the brochure BEFORE your child is ill for the first time.

Tip 3

Visit a first aid course of the local Samarithans Association - this will prepare you for medical emergencies with children and adults.